Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Apple's Cook said, iPhone8 officially released on September, we are ready to money

Configuration, iPhone 8 will steadily upgrade, using the new A11 processor, 10nm process performance is stronger, while lower power consumption. The machine will also use the new Touch ID and 3D Touch, unlike any of the current products.           More importantly, iPhone 8 will also have a better life, fast charging and wireless charging has become standard. Of course, great products are not cheap. According to the news revealed at present, the price of iPhone 8 will exceed 7000 yuan, I believe the domestic will be more expensive. For such an expensive product, would you choose to start with it?
But although no more than $1000, but the price is not low, because of a new generation of iPhone 8 from the 64GB memory will be started, and because the change in the OLED screen, remove the Home key, the introduction of 3D technology and a series of operations led to increased production costs, it is expected to be priced at around $850 to $900.  

The news that the cause of this possibility is that apple must ensure that this year's iPhone8 will have a more adequate supply, can only be wronged under iPhone7s, the problem is, if iPhone7s is used A10 processor, and Apple also insisted on going out this model, that is how many people buy iPhone7s will play a big mark.
Can only say that if this possibility come true, that apple is really in death.
Samsung and LG, the main vendors on the OLED screen, have reportedly released messages, and iPhone8 will feature a flexible OLED screen. Japan's financial report also said that Apple has sent Samsung 7000W class bending screen orders, these screens will most likely be used on the iPhone8.  
Since the cost of OLED is higher than the LCD screen, this year's iPhone8 is likely to rise, the price may exceed $1200, equivalent to 8880 yuan.

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