Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to transfer contacts from iphone to Samsung Galaxy S8

Contacts plays an important role in our daily life. It can be said that contacts is a bridge for us to communicate with others. It is contacts that makes many of our communication possible. Ben is an excellent businessman, out of love for the Samsung Galaxy S8, Ben changed his iPhone6 Samsung Galaxy S8. However,he also encountered a trouble, as a businessman, contacts is indispensable to his business, but he was too busy and very lazy, he wondered whether the software can help him achieve the contacts of iPhone transfer to the Samsung Galaxy S8?

How can I transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8? I have been asked many times this question every day. I often say that when there is a problem, there is a natural way to solve it. The method of transferring contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 is Phone to Phone Transfer. This is a very powerful data transfer software, which can help you achieve data transfer between iPhone and Samsung mobile phones. Phone to Phone Transfer not only helps you transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8, but also helps you transfer SMS, call, history, music, video, photos, apps, and, more.

What are you hesitating about? If you are tired of how to transfer the iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy S8, then quickly to this software to further understand it!


Way 1: Switch Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy Note 5/S8 via Phone Transfer

Free download the program to switch iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy Note or S smartphones in following article.


Step 1 Install and Run Phone to Phone Transfer on Your PC/Mac

Run the Phone Transfer program on your Windows computer or Macbook, then click the key features “Phone to Phone Transfer” and go to next step.

Step 2 Connect iPhone and Galaxy Note/S to the Same Computer via USB cables

Use a Samsung USB cable and Apple cable to connect your iPhone and Note 5 or S8 to the computer, once the two phones detected by the program, both your Samsung phone and iPhone will be shown in the window.

Note: Make sure the iTunes are installed on your computer.There is a "Flip" button on bottom of the program, which allows users to switch data from iPhone to Samsung,Samsung to iPhone in the same steps.

Step 3 Select Contacts to Transfer from iPhone to Galaxy Note/S

Click on the Start button on the main screen to let the software start detecting and scanning both devices. All of the contacts, text messages,photos, videos, call history will be discovered and display the total number beside each item on the center.If you only want to move contacts from iPhone to Note 5,please select the “Contacts” items and go to next.

Step 4 Previewing and Transferring Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy Note 5

In this step,just click “Start Copy” button to start move iPhone contacts,phone numbers from iPhone to Note 5 directly. It should be done in a few minutes, depending on how many contacts and data stored on the iPhone. Besides contacts can be transferred to new Samsung Galaxy,but also the text messages/photos/music/videos/call logs is also supported to copied to Samsung phone by the program.

Tips: During the transferring process,please keep conncecting two phones to computer,all the above processes offer authentic routes to transfer the contacts from your iPhone to Note 7,as well as Galaxy S7/S6/S5/Note 5 efficiently.


Free Ways to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung Galaxy

Way 2 : Sync Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy Note 5/S8 via iCloud

Step 1.Switch on iCloud Backup in your iPhone.

Step 2.Now click ‘contacts’ button on the menu of the main screen of the

Step 3.Now select ExportVcard option from there to allow storing all the contacts as the .vcf files. Your contacts are now on cloud.

Step 4.You will have to enter your Apple ID and password to access the iCloud. The ID you enter has to be of the iDevice from where the contacts data is to be transferred.

Step 5.Bring your .vcf file to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or S8 root folder through the default People App.

Step 6.The contacts would be thus imported. This process however requires the iCloud enablement.

Way 3 : Sync Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy Note 5/S8 via iTunes

Step 1.Connect your iPhone to desktop via USB.

Step 2.Open the iTunes and select your iDevice from there.

Step 3.Navigate to ‘info’ tab and select ‘sync contacts with’. Then select ‘Google Contacts’.

You will have to register for a Google account if there is none available with you.

Step 4.Click on the icon ‘Apply’. This will allow Google to get synced with the iTunes.

Step 5.Now navigate in your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, to Setting – Accounts.

Step 6.Add the created Goggle Account to your Galaxy Note 7.

Step 7.All your contacts would be synced with your Note 7.


This article compared 3 methods to see how they performed on different phones, the last two methods are totally different and may be annoying, tedious, and time-consuming. Meanwhile it requires you to take the time to arm yourself with some basic information. Conversely, the method 1 will provide a hassle-free experience when transfer data from Android,iPhone to new Samsung Galaxy phone. Finding out which method is the best iPhone to Android Transfer solution for you to move all data between iOS and Android, here we highly recommend you transfer data between iPhone, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry and Windowns Phone through Method 1.What’s more,the Phone Transfer also can help you backup and restore data from iOS,Android,and permanently erasing data from old iOS devices, Android devices before selling it.