Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Transfer photo from old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S8

James is a crazy fan of Samsung mobile phones, so when the Samsung Galaxy S8 listed, he immediately bought a Samsung Galaxy S8. When he got the cell phone, his excitement was beyond expression. Actually, James used Samsung Galaxy S7 before. As we all know, Samsung Galaxy S7 camera function is very powerful. So, since he owned the Samsung Galaxy S7, he took a lot of pictures. So when he has a new cell phone, his only happy worry is: how do you move photos from an old Samsung phone to Samsung Galaxy S8?

I heard James's troubles and couldn't help laughing. Because this question is too simple for me who has worked in the software industry for many years. In fact, transferring photos from an old Samsung phone to a Samsung Galaxy S8 only requires a software -- phone to phone transfer.

phoneto phone transfer can help you quickly and safely transfer photos from the old Samsung phone to Samsung Galaxy S8. What's more, it can not only help you transfer photos, but also help you transfer audio, video, music, contacts, WhatsApp, message, recording,call logs,message and so on. Therefore, phone to phone transfer is really a super data transfer software, it meets the needs of data transfer between mobile phone. With it, we don't have to worry about data transfer anymore!

If you want to know more about Phone to phone transfer, please read the details below.


Three Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S8

Here,I will take transfer contacts from Galaxy Note 3 to Galaxy S8 for example,you also can switch other file types from any Android phone to Samsung S8/S8 Plus directly.

Step 1.Connect two Samsung Galaxy with the computer
Connect both of your Samsung Note 3 and Samsung S8 with computer via USB cables, then Phone Transfer will detect them immediately. You will be able to see the below screenshot in the front of your window.

Step 2.Select Contacts you Want to Transfer
Check whether your source and target phones are placed under the "Source" and "Destination" categories respectively. If they aren’t, you can click the "Flip" button from the center to place the phones in their correct categories.And then select the file types you want to move from old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to new Galaxy S8,please select “Contacts” item if you just want to transfer contacts,you can also select music, photos, videos, SMS and other file types,then move them at onces.

Step 3.Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy S8/S8+
Finally click the "Start Transfer" button to begin the transfer. When the transferring comes to an end, you should click "Completed".Only few mintues,all of your contacts be moved to your new Samsung Galaxy S8,then you can use the previous contacts on your new phone.

Note: Please keep connecting your two phones with computer during the transferring process.In addittional,you can click the "Clear data before copy" checkbox from the bottom of the Destination section, and click the "Confirm" button from the "Clear phone data" confirmation box in order to allow the Phone Transfer program to erase the data from the target phone (Samsung S8) before transferring the new data to it.

Download the Phone to Phone Transfer and try to move data from Android to the new Samsung Galaxy S8 with one click:


Tips:You can also use this Samsung Manager tool to manage your phone’s data on computer,and transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS between two mobiles (both Android and iPhone are supported).