Tuesday, May 30, 2017

HTC new technology! Intelligent mobile phone to change the world

Recently, HTC announced the 2017 first quarter earnings data show that the mobile phone business is still a loss, the situation is not optimistic. But this does not affect the HTC in the field of mobile phone force, and HTC in recent years after the loss began to streamline the product line, hit the high-end market. This month, 16 will hold a press conference to launch the rumored HTC U 11 flagship new product.

Before the new flagship appeared, it appeared on several famous running websites. Including the bunny, GeekBench has HTC U Figure 11, and this time it is run GFXBench website. Data show that HTC U 11 uses a resolution of 1440x2560 (QHD) 5.5 inch screen, equipped with 835 Xiaolong eight processor, integrated Adreno 540 GPU, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination, rear camera 12 million pixels, front camera is reached 16 million, to see this product more self focus and video chat. Running Android 7.1.1 systems is basically consistent with previously exposed information.

In addition to hardware, HTC U 11's biggest selling point is the Edge Sense touch border, the box integrated inductive touch function. In simple terms, is through the "squeeze" in the box to achieve some cool operation, such as rapid self timer, open a specific APP and so on.

As for the price, it is said that the licensed version of this mobile phone will be more than 5000 yuan. This calculation should be iPhone 7/ Samsung Galaxy S8 with not much difference between, but this is not surprising, after all, HTC pricing has always been the same. In addition, many people expect HTC to bring differentiated products, impact on the homogenization of the serious smart phone market.

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