Friday, June 2, 2017

The most classic one, iPhone, only one drawback

In 2007, apple began to enter the mobile phone industry, and released its first iPhone mobile phone. By this year, for the past 10 years, Apple has released 11 mobile phone products over the past 10 years. Product line is not rich, but it has become a unique brand of mobile phones around the world! So, which of these 11 phones, classic? I believe most of the Apple fans will vote for iPhone4/4S series!      
In 2010, Apple released its iPhone4 phone, using a 3.5 inch screen with a resolution of 960*640. Equipped with apple A4 single core processor, 800MHz running frequency. In addition, the storage capacity of 512Mb, storage capacity is divided into three kinds of 8GB/16GB/32GB. Now, this configuration is not good, but this is 2010 of the mobile phone, oh, that year, millet began to do mobile phones!
IPhone4 has become a very classic iPhone mobile phone, not because of the configuration, but the design, because this generation of mobile phones is really very beautiful! The use of positive and negative glass design, with metal box, the overall texture is excellent. At the same time, most mobile phones still use plastic bodies, and only a little high-end handsets will be made of metal. And apple is very unique, using double-sided glass, really brings a different feeling.

In addition, the overall line of iPhone4 is "hard", the whole square is straight, and the edges do not make the arc chamfer, and it looks very texture. The other four corners have been properly arched, so it matches each other perfectly. It is this appearance, so many fruit powder that is representative of apple iPhone4 series mobile phone fashion classic.          

So after the iPhone4, Apple also launched iPhone4S, mainly to upgrade the hardware configuration, the appearance and iPhone4 almost exactly the same. However, iPhone4 is not without flaws, it also broke the signal gate event, in addition, the weight of the fuselage is relatively heavy. 
Xiao Bian has something to say:          
Cool year is also the first time with iPhone4, and now the mobile phone can still use the normal boot. IPhone4 is really pretty, and if it comes up with a similar design iPhone, I believe it will still sell well!

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