Monday, May 15, 2017

How to transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 8

More and more close to iPhone 8 release time, I believe that many Apple users are looking forward to the sale of iPhone 8. When we buy a new iPhone cell phone, how do we move something from the old iPhone cell phone to the new iPhone?

What's the easy way to solve this problem?. Because there are many iPhone users often use mobile phones to shoot some interesting video, or to shoot some commemorative photos, to store some good memories of text messages. When they change a new iPhone cell phone, they won't want to lose the data, so they want to transfer the data to the new iphone. But can different systems of mobile phones be transferred? In fact, the transfer of these data is very simple, you just need to download a transfer of data software----Phone to Phone Transfer,you can easily complete it.      
Phone to Phone Transfer can help you easily transfer the data you want to transfer to your new phone, whether your phone is Android or IOS, or symbian. Moreover, this software can not only transfer video, but also transfer files, contacts, information, photos, music, recordings and so on. It also applies to many brands of mobile phones between the transfer. For example: Samsung, HUAWEI, ZTE, oppo, vivo, NOKIA, HTC, LG, SONY, apple, and so on.

If you want to know more about Phone to Phone Transfer, you can read the following introduction carefully.


How to Transfer Files from Old iPhone 6 to iPhone 8

Step 1.Run the Phone Transfer Tool
Run the Phone Transfer tool on the computer,and you will see the window as follows.After that,connect your old iPhone 6 and your iPhone 8 with the computer via USB cables respectively.Make sure that both devices can be successfully detected by your computer.

Step 2.Choose Phone to Phone Transfer Option
In the main window,choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode,and you will see the program displays as follows.You can use the "Flip" button to switch the places of your phones and make sure that the iPhone 8 is the destination one.

Step 3. Select the data you want to sync to new iPhone 8 from old iPhone,iPad

Step 4.Sync All Contents from old iPhone 6 to iPhone 8
In this step,you will see that all contents that can be transferred are listed in the middle of the window.Check the wanted files and click "Start Copy"(contacts,SMS,photos,call logs,music,videos,calendars,apps are allow to select) to transfer all data from old iPhone to new iPhone 8.During the process,not to disconnect either device with computer.

Free download the Phone Transfer and sync old iPhone data to new iPhone 8: