Friday, June 2, 2017

OPPO R11 detailed hardware specifications leaked: appearance comparable to iPhone7 configuration, close to the flagship level

After the children's day, in addition to become a global technology enthusiasts concerned WWDC2017, domestic actually have several more important new conference, for example, in June 15, OPPO new conference, the conference is the protagonist of a new generation flagship mobile phone camera OPPO R11 mobile phone, a lot of surprise in the mobile phone, I give you a comb.          
The first design, OPPO R11 front is a consistent design style OPPO mobile phone, is back with design similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. The antenna has been hidden between the two cameras is particularly eye-catching, whole body sleek, therefore must feel not bad.          
In the hardware configuration, it is now the information exposure specifications to be exposed, we can see that the OPPO R11 is equipped with 5.5 inches 1080P screen, powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 660 processor, with 4G memory and 64G storage fuselage, camera, is around 20 million pixel camera, battery capacity of 3000 MAH, run Color OS 3.1 system.          
OPPO R11 Plus will expand the screen size to 6 inches, running memory also increased to 6G, the larger body size, so it is also equipped with a larger battery, up to 4000 Ma, other aspects of consistent configuration.          
So far, most of the information about the OPPO R11 mobile phone has been made clear, and the outside world is most concerned about the retail price. How much do you think this machine is?

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