Tuesday, May 30, 2017

iPhone8's black Technology: never power off!

Cook recently very depressed, because iPhone7 sales is not very good, so we Cook's mood is very good, especially in Cook's love of the China market, we China powder was so suck, Cook did not expect that, Cook said China users because see too much should not see iPhone8 exposure, don't wait to buy iPhone7, iPhone8!
Small feel, should have a part of this reason, speaking of iPhone8 does have many new features to make people look forward to the full screen, what ah, the optical pressure sensitive fingerprint recognition 3D VR camera ah, ah, but to say the most looking forward to, Xiao Bian think this short distance wireless charging technology!
The biggest drawback is the iPhone battery suck, in addition to the battery capacity is relatively small, does not support the fast charge, resulting in iPhone when it is quite embarrassing, although the optimization of iPhone apple is an ox, Android life is still possible, but also the combination of JiaBuZhu Battery + Android fast charge ah!  
The iPhone8, Apple has adopted two black technology blessing on the battery, the first is apple has secretly applied for battery cooling patent of graphene, by using graphene to the cell surface, can be more rapid cooling after the temperature of the battery is reduced, the charging speed will be greatly accelerated, inside the battery will more stable, the battery capacity is greater!
Apple is the new graphite coating developed himself to add into the iPhone8 to protect the 3D Touch sensor, the graphite layer will be laminated to the internal thermal film sensor, the sensor location on the poles of a battery diaphragm, and a full range of 360 degrees to ensure the stability of the battery.
Since iPhone8 will use glass back cover, and wireless charging module will produce more heat, with this technology, apple iPhone8 or will use cellular technology and Wi-Fi wireless network broadband charging. In cellular technology, Apple says device batteries can be charged by data transmission between any band of 700MHz and 2700MHz. In terms of Wi-Fi, apple said it could use 2.4GHz and 5GHz data channels to recharge the batteries.          
Allegedly, after the completion of the family building, iPhone8 can achieve within 5 meters of ultrasonic wireless charging, it is very cattle ah, if iPhone8 really carrying this technology, you will buy it?

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