Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Technology gap! Galaxy, S8, LG, G6 drop test results are released

This year's flagship, the most characteristic of the screen must be the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and LG G6, they are equipped with an ultra long screen, there are ultra-high screen accounting, and the screen edge is rounded. But what about the high glass ratio machine, will the result of the drop test be horrible? To verify the problem, the foreign media has completed the test, although the testing process is not entirely scientific, but enough to simulate the normal drop situation. During the test, a positive fall of 2 91cm height was simulated, and then the height of 150cm was dropped.          

LG G6 screen in the first drop completely all right, but the second drop in the screen is completely broken, the official LG rounded screen design to enhance the anti dropping and no special good effect, at the height of 150cm drop in the back of the camera and even the glass fell burst.    
The curved screen + fillet of Galaxy S8, although the expected effect will be very poor, but the result is beyond expectation well, what put the 4 round while the curved screen fell burst, but the middle of the screen without fragmentation. The last two mobile phone can be used normally, but considering the LG G6 screen cover, and the screen itself is far cheaper than S8, G6 broke up cost is much lower (tropia laugh).

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