Sunday, June 11, 2017

How to Recover Contacts from Android with Broken Screen

Summary: This is a big problem for Android mobile phone users to lose contact with Android mobile phones, because it means you need a long time to retrieve the lost person's phone number and add them one by one. It's a pain in the neck. Many friends have difficulty in transferring lost data from Android mobile phones. Whatever the reason for the crash of the Android phone, the Android screen may be broken, and you should recover lost contacts or other missing files as soon as possible from the missing Android phone. Because contacts store large amounts of information with friends, family, and business partners. 
Find missing contacts from the missing Android phone          
Compared with pictures or videos stored on the SD card in your phone, contacts are stored in the internal memory of the Android phone. Making it easier to export contacts from damaged Android handsets. By the way, I want to show you a great software that can restore contacts directly from a broken screen Android phone.
Android data broken recovery is designed for Android mobile phone users to recover recently deleted contacts from a broken Android mobile phone.More importantly, Android data broken recovery also allows you to retrieve data recovery break damage to Android devices, other data such as contacts, photos, videos, short message, WhatsApp message, recorded and stored in a plurality of file Android equipment.

More importantly, whether you are using Android mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 /note5, note4, Galaxy, A5, A9 / A7 HTC One M8, M9, M7, Pro LG, Motorola Droid, SONY Xperia, HUAWEI Mate, HUAWEI P9 / P8 / P7, ZTE, OPPO Find 5, Find 6 Find 7/, R9, R10, R11, VIVO and more, you can still recover deleted or lost contact from several broken Android mobile phone simple steps. Step by step guide your delete contacts back.  

Download free and try to restore contacts with Android data recovery:

Easy Steps to Extract Contacts from Broken Android

Note:To recover recently deleted contacts, phones numbers from your Android phone successfully, you need to stop transferring data to the phone or taking pictures. Because the new ones are likely to overwrite them,it might cause data never recovered again,and then use a professional Android Contacts Recovery to get them back.

Step 1.Connect the Broken Phone to PC and Let the Program Scan the Phone
First,please free download the Android Data Recovery and run on your computer,then click "Broken Android Broken Data Recovery" features and go to the next.

Connect your Broken Phone to Computer with USB Cable and click "Scan it" button

Step 2 Select “Contacts” item you want to get back
The program allows you recover kind of file from the broken device,if you only want to recover contacts on the broken phone,in order to save time in the scanning process,only select the "Contacts" item .Then, hit the "Next" button to continue.

Step 3 Choose Your Phone Broken Types
If the touch screen can't be used or can't enter the phone system, click the left option. If the phone is running, but the screen gets black, hit the right button.

In this step, select the model of you damaged android phone. If you don’t know what model of your android mobile phone, just click "How to confirm the device model" to get some help online.

If your phone’s touch screen not working or stuck in black/white screen,don’t worry,please follow the tutorial to "Download mode".
1. Power off your Samsung device
2. Press and hold Volume down, Power and Home button.
3. Press the Volume up button.

Fir the black screen phone, after hitting the "Start" button, there will be countdown appear in the phone screen in the below interface. When the countdown complete, hit the "Start" again and you can enter to the next step.

Note: When the phone is in the "Download mode", using a USB cable to connect the broken android device to the computer.

Step 4 Begin to Analyze your Damaged Android Phone
Only few minutes,the program helps you enter into the "Download mode"successfully, the software will start analyzing and downloading recovery package for the device.

When the package downloading complete, the android data recovery will scan the contacts from your broken phone.

Step 5 Recover “Recently Deleted” and “Existing” Contacts on Broken Android Phone Directly
After finishing scan the broken android for lost data, tick the "Contacts" item in the left column to preview the contacts list saved in the device. Select those you need to and click “Recover” button to recovered contacts from your broken Android phone, and they have been saved in your computer.

Well done,you have recover contacts on broken phone sucessfully and save them in computer,the Android Data Recovery also can help users recover lost contacts from Android Internal Memory. If you want to know how to recover photos, videos and other documents from Android SD card, go to Android SD Card Recovery, you will get formatted/lost/deleted/erased files on Android memory card easily.

Warm tips:

Take good care of your phone and remember to android data to computer as often as possible.
If you no longer use the broken phone,to protect your personal data never stolen on broken iPhone, Android phone,we recommend you use this Phone Data Eraser tool to wipe everything from broken phone permanently,it also can help users erase private data on iPhone,Android before selling, recycling or donating your old device.

Tips: If you have bought a new iPhone SE, iPhone 6S/6(Plus), Samsung Galaxy S7/S6(Edge),you can use this Phone Transfer to transfer those restored contacts to the new phone from computer,it also can help you backup and restore Android and iOS devices.

Here is some tips about how to replace the screen for a broken devices

---Attach fresh two-sided tape to areas of the bezel that have lost their stickiness. Use the existing adhesive where possible. Don't allow tape to overlap the visual part of the glass.

---Look for any foam padding or seals and reattach.

---Thread the digitizer cable and remount the new digitizer glass to the bezel by firmly pressing it into place. Then remove any dust from the LCD and glass with canned air.

Tip: Do not touch the inside of the glass -- you won't be able to get rid of the fingerprints after assembly.