Friday, June 2, 2017

Reproduce Moto blade classic, moto RAZR thinnest phone to come!

For Lenovo, recently seems to be in the Jingdong across the board, it is said that Jingdong did not get Lenovo agreed to put lenovo mobile phone price cuts across the board, resulting in no talk about the results, Jingdong can not find Lenovo related mobile phones. Although Lenovo's own mobile phone brand popularity is not high, even ZUK was dropped, but the Moto series is reminiscent of the high-end mobile phone, after all Moto was also popular high-end mobile phone, from the current situation, or the development of good.  
Recently, the Association for Moto series mobile phone has a new action, and a lightweight mobile phone moto RAZR after Moto Z module, the mobile phone uses three plane design without borders, equipped with a 5.5 inch 4K screen, double 2.5D glass suspension design, the whole thickness of less than 5mm, can be said than that of classic mobile phone Moto some thinner blade.    
As Lenovo's high-end models, Moto RAZR in addition to frivolous, performance is also very good, equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB memory, 64GB storage space, but also a flagship phone. The battery uses 2900 Ma batteries, perhaps because of the light body, otherwise the battery capacity should be greater.          
Of course, in the photo of Moto Z can be said to be excellent and, using the module brings better Hasselblad camera experience, of course, Moto RAZR performance is also very good, with the rear dual 12 million pixel camera, front 8 million pixels, as the camera will use what the new technology may still can make nothing of it, it is a Hasselblad camera.          
Moto RAZR can be said to be a continuation of the classic Moto thin blade, is said to use ZUK system in general, this is probably the best ZUK miss it, for such a mobile phone, as for the price, probably in about 3000 yuan, I believe fashion for young people, will love this mobile phone.

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