Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to recover lost photo from vivo xplay 6

The introduction of the camera
Vivo Xplay6 this time in addition to bringing a stunning four curved screen, camera parameters are quite powerful. Vivo Xplay6 rear main camera with a SONY IMX362 sensor, a single pixel area of 1.4 m 1200 pixels, 5 million pixels dual Wanquan focus, depth of field side camera, f/1.7 large aperture, collocation of 4 axis OIS optical image stabilization, focusing speed reached 0.03 seconds.

This time ,Vivo Xplay6 also took out the depth of field double shooting technology, equipped with 5 million pixel sub camera, you can record depth of field information, with the algorithm can achieve the background virtual, give the phone more pictures to play.

Vivo Xplay6 also supports four axis OIS optical image stabilization, can provide sufficient stability in the user when shooting from the photo shoot handshaken paste. If you have a live hobby, this technique will also ensure a more stable live picture.

James’ tragedy
As you can see above, the Vivo Xplay6 camera is really powerful. James is a live boy. With the lure of the powerful Vivo Xplay6 camera, James bought the Vivo Xplay6 without hesitation. Vivo Xplay6 makes James's life and work more beautiful! Powerful camera meets his career requirements, but also meets the needs of his usual self timer. James's love for Vivo Xplay6 deepened day by day. But life is full of surprises. He upgraded the phone system in order to make the phone system more perfect, but when he upgraded the system, he sadly found that all the photos in his cell phone were gone! James could not find the cause of the loss, and could not find a way to retrieve it.

How to recover lost photo from vivo xplay 6
When I heard about James's misery, I told James right away.in fact, he didn't have to worry too much. Because a software can certainly help him, that is Android data recovery. With the help of Android data recovery, James got the photo back safely and quickly.

Android data recovery is a professional data recovery software, his data recovery rate ranked first in the industry. Android data recovery can not only help you restore photos, but also help you restore contacts, audio, video, music, call records, SMS, WhatsApp, message, notes, and so on. With it, you don't have to worry about losing data anymore!

At the same time, Android data recovery can not only help you recover the lost data of the upgrade system, but also help you recover the deleted data, restore the data lost after rooting, restore the lost data because of restoring the factory settings and so on. In a word, it can help you recover the lost data in any situation.

More powerful is, Android data recovery is not only applicable to vivo mobile phones, but also for OPPO, HUAWEI, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Meizu, ZTE and other Android mobile phones.

What are you hesitating about? If your Android mobile phone has encountered the problem of data loss, and quickly understand Android data recovery in detail, you must have harvested!

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Note: To prevent your photos from being covered by new data, you should stop using your phone to take photos before those deleted pictures are gotten back. Because once the data are covered,you can no longer recover data back.

Easy Steps to Recover Deleted Pictures from Vivo Xplay6

You can see the Android tool kit provides users 7 main features: General Android Data Recovery, Android Broken Data Recovery(Damaged Device Data Extraction), Android Data Backup & Restore, Root Android, Lock Screen Removal, Android Data Eraser, SIM Unlock.To recover your Vivo Xplay6 data directly,please choose "Data Recovery" and go to next steps.

Step 1.Connect your Vivo Xplay6 to Comptuer
Then connect the Vivo Xplay6 mobile phone to computer by USB cable, and you will see the following window:

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging the Samsung Device
If your Android os version is 4.2.2 or above, there will be a pop up message on your Vivo Xplay6 phone, tap on "OK" to allow USB debugging.

After enabling USB debugging, then go to next steps to select what type of files you want to recover,if you just want to get Samsung photos back,please check the  "Gallery" item and go to next step.

Step 3.Select the Gallery and Photos itme you Want to Recovery
On the main window,you can see the Android Data Recovery can help you recover photos, gallery, contacts, messaging, videos, call history and more from your Vivo Xplay6 phone,if you just want to get missing photos back,please select "Gallery" item,if you want to recover Vivo Xplay6 all lost data,ensure that the "Select all" checkbox is checked and click Next.

Step 3. Begin to Analyze your Vivo Xplay6
Please switch to your Vivo Xplay6 and tap "Allow" on the screen to allow the program scanning your Samsung phone for lost or deleted files.

Note: Make sure that your S6’s battery is more than 20%,so that the scan and recovery can succeed.

Step 4. Scan Vivo Xplay6 and Scanned it for Deleted Pictures
After analyzing your Vivo Xplay6, you can begin to scan it now. Before doing it, turn to the home screen of your phone and click "Allow" on it. Then back to the program on your computer and click "Start" to begin scanning. When the scan is over, all recoverable text messages, contacts, photos and video on your Vivo Xplay6 will be found and displayed in the scan result. You can preview every photos before recover them.

Step 5. Preview and Retrieve Deleted Photos from Vivo Xplay6
After the scanning process complete,you can preview all found contents in detail at the scan result,such as photos, text messages, contacts, call logs, videos,ect.If you just want to recover Vivo photos back,just select the “Gallery” item to priview them before recovery,then click "Recover" to save vivo photos on your computer.

Step 6. Back up your Vivo Xplay6 Data Frequently
As we all know that ever Android OS update, root, factory setting rest,it may cause erase your vivo data.However,we recommend you backup and restore Vivo Xplay6 data frequently. Just need to download Android Data Transfer, which can back up contacts,sms,photos,videos,apps and more from vivo to computer in three steps.

This tutorial shows recover Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge+/S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4/Note 4/5/6, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Grand Prime, etc. photos directly, with the help of Android Photos Recovery. If your Samsung phone is broken with broken screen, black screen, locked screen, touch screen not work, or can’t enter system,to extract and recover photos, contacts, sms from broken Samsung phone,please note that the steps of this two methods are different: Go to leran how to recover data from broken Samsung,please download the free trial version and try to recover android photos first before you decide to purchase the Android Data Recovery app.

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