Saturday, March 4, 2017

How to retrieve iPhone lost data

iPhone is a collection of high-tech products, it is not only able to call, send messages, listen to music, video recording, deposit files and photos. It has become an essential part of our lives. When we have a iPhone in our hands, our life will be very simple. Because it can help us to accomplish many things. However, if we have some problems with our iPhone, which may cause our iPhone data to be lost or lost, what should we do? How are we going to recover the lost data?

In fact, to retrieve these data is very simple, as long as you follow the following introduction and guide, you can easily restore your iPhone lost data.

Smart Recovery 

Step 1: Select the File Types You Need to Recover
Launch the iMyFone D-Back after downloading it. From the "Smart Recovery" tab, click the button "Start".

Step 2: Choose How You Lost the Files
Next, you need to choose the situation on how you lost your data for subsequent scan and recovery.

Step 3: Scan and Recover Your Lost iPhone Files
Next, all scan and search work will be completed by the iPhone recovery software itself. iMyFone D-Back can analyze and recover your data from iOS device, iTunes backup or iCloud backup. The following procedures are similar to "recovery from iOS Device/iTunes Backup/iCloud Backup" tabs. With a few easy steps, you can get your lost iPhone data back.
If you know for sure where you could find the data, you can also start scanning from iOS Device/iTunes Backup/iCloud Backup tabs respectively. Please read the specific instructions for your reference.