Wednesday, April 26, 2017

HTC latest news!

HTC today announced through the official twitter, scheduled for May 16th release of the new U series flagship phone, foreign media generally believe that it will be directly named HTC U, which is previously codenamed Ocean devices.
Small video is only 5 seconds, in addition to black body, basically do not see the other elements, the official twitter only mentioned the "Squeeze for the Brilliant U (extrusion, more intelligent you)", is a breakthrough in the narrow and thin?.
For this phone, the great God evleaks has given photos, the overall look is still very common, including double glass body, front of the long and narrow fingerprint.
The first argument is that this Ocean will take the lead in giving up the side of the physical buttons, all the way to feel the pressure to touch.
In addition, the news broke the news Labtoofer also released, HTC U support IP57 waterproof, still no 3.5mm headphone hole.

No accident, then, HTC U will be equipped with Xiaolong 835, 2K display.